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How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Farms (Case Study Part 1)

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I dare you to find a better investment. Adsense blueprint costs you 47 bucks, and can EASILY return thousands in passive income. That’s a small amount of cash to risk for a HUGE upside!

I’m going to show you exactly how easy it is to begin an adsense farm for making money online and making SERP increases easier later on. I’m not going to pull any punches and I’m going to show you step by step how I do it. The hard part isn’t understanding the process, it is sticking with it. Over, and over, and over again.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Step 1.

Pull up google trends and look through it trend item by trend item until you find a product type or name. Alternatively, you could look at ebay hot sellers or Amazon hot sellers. In my case, I pulled up trends and found a product that starts with the letter ‘P’, and that is how I will refer to it. NOTE: I typically look through several possibilities before I select one, and in this case I have already done the following steps to ensure I have something worth pursuing.

Step 2.

Go to and do a search for your product/keyword. In this case I did a search for ‘P’. The next step is to go to the drop down in the upper right side and select to show the CPC and search trend. Look at this image to help:

Once you have all the columns, sort by average searches for the last month. Use the trend column to verify that the search is on the rise, or at least not in a major decline. The next think I look at is the CPC. Now, for building a farm it may not be all that necessary, but I find the higher the CPC the higher your net. So I always sift through the higher paying terms first. In this case, I chose the third term, ‘PC’, and number 24, ‘PG’.

PC got 5400 searches last month and has a CPC of 4.87
PG got 1300 and a CPC of 2.92

Getting #1 for these two terms would see 6700 searches and a CPC of ~4.00

Remember I have already gone through and done all the back checking so I know ahead of time these terms will work out, and how to make money online with them. However, once I have potential keywords I then move on to step 3.

Step 3.

Now we need to verify the competition is something we can beat. I do a search for each term in quotes. For PC I find that there are 4510 results. That is EXTREMELY low and very appealing. Typically you want less than 100k, but the closer to 0 the better.

For PG we have 64k results. It’s under 100k so we’ll take it.

Fortunately I can combine the two terms into PGC for a third term that got 720 searches and a CPC of 4.88!!! Let’s add that one in. I did a quick quote search and that phrase has 7670 results! This is looking good :)

The next thing we do, now that we know the exact competition is beatable, is to repeat all three searches without quotes. Ideally the top 5 or so results will be under PR3, not have the keyword/phrase in the title or meta description and not be seen as authoritative (have several sub links under the main results). In this case, all three searches turn up the same result. We have an authoritative site that is PR4 and has each of the phrases in the title AND metadescription.

Normally, that would be cause for pause, but considering two of the phrases are under 10k direct competitors, it should be a sinch to hit #2 or #3 for each of them.

For the #2 spot we should expect about 30-50% of the searches to click through (always estimate to the lower) to our farm site. For the #3 we should expect 0%-30%. With 8k searches, 30% comes to a little over 2500. If we get a 3% CTR and 50% of the CPC, we would earn 2500*.03*.5*4.4 = 165$/month. This is weighted based on past experience.

Don’t worry about the calculation for now, I will go into it in deeper detail at another time.

This looks like it would be fun to go for despite the top results having higher PR. Relevancy should hopefully be enough to push past them. And if it isn’t, at least you can follow along and see the method I used to rank a site and how to make make money online in the process.

Next stop, site creation.

Total time spent to this point: 60 minutes


The process is very easy. Just do what is above until you find a niche you feel you can comfortably conquer. Believe me, there are millions. You can pick specific products, services, questions, and on and on and on. Just have patience and after the 20th site this should be second nature!


NOTE: A special thing to lookout for is other adsense or affiliate sites. It just so happens that the two easier phrases have a site at #3 that is a year old, is 8 pages, and 100% pure fluff with adsense all over it. This tells me that a nonsense fluff site (perfect for adsense) can rank well and easily.

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