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How To Make Extra Money Online

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Forget what you know. Forget what you think you know. There’s a lot of bullshit out there and you need to leave it all behind. Or don’t. I honestly don’t care if you end up living in a box bumming french fries off a toddler.

There really is far too much misinformation on the internet about how to make money online. So I’m going to debunk all the garbage you allowing yourself to be fed. Want to know how the gurus really make money? Then I’ll tell you. Want to know how individuals, like me, actually make money online? Then I’ll tell you.

Honestly, you may not like what you read, but that’s too bad. It will be the truth.

But before I get into the meat and potatoes, who am I and why am I divulging what I have learned?

Meet the Korprit Zombie.

I run several adsense, ebay, affiliate, and real world business sites. I am about to enter the SEO consulting world and only started studying internet marketing 9 months ago. Using what I have learned I am now making a good amount of money online, and have been able to raise traffic to sites considerably utilizing search traffic. For example, when I took over site administration and SEO for a movie review site, the traffic went from ~200 a day to over 600 a day in less than a month.

The truth behind how I got traffic to the movie site? Honestly, the biggest secret is time. It did not happen over night, but I was happily surprised to see it gain traffic so quickly. A rebuild of the site to optimize it’s on page SEO, and a little link building went a long way. Farther than I had anticipated.

As for why I am divulging my true methodology? I’m fucking bored. Yup. That’s it. Consulting may take time away, but in the meantime I keep a day job with a good amount of downtime. I live very comfortably and have no financial fear.

Now on to some fun stuff.

How To Make Extra Money Online

I’m sure you have asked this question many times and found very little concrete answers. Well let me explain the real ways you can make money online, the real ways the gurus do it.

Blog Farming

This is also known as adsense farming. This is one of the easiest ways, and one of the most tedious. You have two starting options: build a free blog or buy a domain and install a blogging content manager like wordpress.

The free blog is probably the wiser choice here since your will most likely end up with hundreds of blogs. Yup. Hundreds. Most of the gurus don’t tell you that they have a full fledged farm of blogs behind them.

All those adsense checks with enormous amounts on them? Doctored, or supplied by dozens if not hundreds of sites, and possibly even through paying for traffic which knocks down the net pay. One supposed UPS check for over $10,000 in one month was actually found to be issued after the individual spent over $9,000 on adwords. Which meant this fraud netted less than $1,000 even though he had a hefty 10k check to show.

Buying domains can be a better choice if you plan on focusing on the blogs that work and ditching the others. This is the same as selling real estate instead of renting it out. If you keep your sites, you can use them for link building later which has a snowballing effect. If you sell them, you get money in hand to help with paid services and software.

Which route you go is entirely up to you. Personally I did not go the free blog route (until now) for the very reason stated above. Selling blogs can be very lucrative.

Affiliate Marketing

Want the real dirt on how all the gurus make money? They sell you shit you don’t need. Sure the conversion rates are super low. But if you market the right items, like recurring commission products, then it really doesn’t matter how high the conversion rate is, so long as it is above zero. Your earnings will grow over time. Period. Let the gurus addle on about how the MMO niche is a low paying one. Once you build a few adsense sites and affiliate sites, you will see that they are really just diverting competition. Not newbie competition, that is never really a threat. But those that become skilled will become problematic and the gurus don’t want that.

Affiliate marketing takes on many different guises. Buying up Google Adwords to siphon off search traffic. Building review sites to funnel in desperate buyers. Building up a loyal reader base and selling them on products. Building a mailing list and doing the same.

In the end it is all the same. Selling people on a solution to a problem. Broke? Try making money online with THIS BRAND NEW SHINY DILDO!!! It’s chrome! Will it really make you money? NO! But you trust me right? Then buy it!

I think you get the idea. Will this blog sell you shit? I’ll put up my affiliate links to the products I ACTUALLY use, but you are always free to purchase it on your own without contributing to my martini fund. But then again, I may just ask for your first born if you do!

Product Generation

Here is the holy grail. You want to make a fortune? Make products and put them up on clickbank. The numbers really are just too good to be true. However, this is not really a lazy route like some might claim. There is a LOT involved in doing so. But the pay typically makes it worth your while.

Write an e-book. Create a video series. Who cares. Make something, sell it. Or take something already made, spin it in a different way and sell that sonofabitch! In the end it is the same thing as affiliate marketing, only now the affiliates are marketing your product. Typically you will see 10x the earnings potential, or more, than you would selling other’s products for them. Notice how guru’s like Vic ended up with a school? The product will pay far more than the blog did. And that, is exactly how guru’s make money online.

Site Flipping

Still a relatively new concept, site flipping is like house flipping. You either build a site from scratch and get it: ranked, some traffic, and some unique content; or you harvest already built sites for components or you just flat rehab existing sites to improve income or traffic or both. In the end you have a site that is worth a dollar amount. If this dollar amount is higher than what it cost to build or rehab it, you sell at a profit.

Just like flipping a home. Only the market cap tends to be really low for most sites, and significantly large for relatively few. We’ll talk about this more later on.

Selling Your Body

Easiest by far. Get yourself a camera and hook it up to your computer and jump onto a porn site that wants amateurs. I’m not joking. Some of the gurus out there have big titties. So what if they’re men. Bewbers are bewbers and there are always fiends willing to pay money to see nipples. Even hairy silver dollar sized ones.


Hopefully you’re starting to get the idea. There are set methods for making money online, and there are trendsetters. Often the new trends come and go and are not worth the long haul effort. The tried and true methods are easy as hell, but equally as boring. I’m about to expose all I know, and maybe some man boob if your on the right site at the right time ;)


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