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Day 110 - Faster SEN Run

Posted by admin .

To expand on yesterday’s post, I was able to get a full top tier SEN run completed, then a bottom tier registration complete.  I’ll have to do a second pass if it doesn’t complete with at least 200 registrations.  And then later tonight I’ll do the actual link building run.  All in a single day!  Then it’s a couple SB runs tomorrow and I should be done with the first guest post link.  What was taking me several days is now taking me about one and a half.  This feels very good.  I now have a MUCH faster and more automated way of building links the way I used to.  And I’m getting more efficient as time goes on.  I have noticed that my authority site moved up a position for one of it’s target words.  It was #3 for two specific phrases, and the one targeted most from this venture is now #2.  And I still have some links getting indexed.  If i see movement in either phrase from here, I’ll be astounded.  I don’t want to get overly hopeful, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  After all, I’m doing all the hardwork I’ve seen work before, but on a much larger and more automated level.

Yesterday’s MFA Adsense:  $2.20

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