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Day 102-109 Holiday Update

Posted by admin .

I neglected updates over my vacation for many reasons, but i did not neglect getting work done.  I heeded the advice to relax more than not, and ultimately just did SEN and SB runs.  Many, many, of each.  I have almost all the articles done from my writer and finished up another two SB runs today.

I have determined the best way to run SEN bottom tier and can do a run a day now.  Including creation and building.  It’s REALLY fast and REALLY easy once you figure it out.  The top tier still takes a good amount of time, actually more than the bottom tier.  SB, I’ve also gotten pretty good at doing those runs.  Today I built nearly 250 links using it.  Some of those were duplicates but that’s OK.  Building quick lists has become very easy and building a bunch of links, by proxy, just as easy.

Currently my authority site strategy has officially moved to the third and final section.  At this point I’ll be doing SEN and SB runs for all guest articles (actually a handful).  I’ll be sending some articles to guest post on a friend’s site or two and then backlinking those in the next week or so.

I neglected the updates as they weren’t really very lengthy and I was, actually, very sick over the holiday.  Rather than post 10 times saying i did a SEN or SB run, i figured it was easier to post a single time saying I’d done close to a dozen.

Adsense has picked up slightly as I’ve seen a few sites start to earn again.  They aren’t picking up a lot, but a little is still welcome.

For example, the last seven days, my MFAs have produced $17.93 for a 2.56 daily average.

Yesterday’s MFA Earnings:  $0.00

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