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Change In Plans

Posted by admin .

I broke 100 straight days and am finding that the methods I have been using, and the accountability have not done much.  Perhaps I’m cutting short, but I find that keeping track of what I do is rather unhelpful.  I know what ive done and I keep meticulous spreadsheets.  So tracking here does nothing more than show me that I can and have been consistent.

To top it all off, I am staring down a pretty significant business opportunity and want to focus on it 100%.

As for the SEN and SB project, I’m finishing off my final SB runs and have not seen any improvement as of yet.  My #2 increase quickly fell to #4.  So I am seeing no improvement as of yet.

Further updates will occur when I feel like making them.  I may only do monthly earnings reports, if anything.  Sorry if there was anyone out there actually reading this (can’t imaging why though).

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